Fine Arts

St. Scholastica Academy recognizes that the arts are fundamental and vital to education, personal development, and the quality of life. A strong art component is part of a holistic educational approach that connects us with humanity and integrates the senses, emotions, and critical thinking. Art is a universal form of communication that touches us at a basic level, unlike any other form of communication. Before there was writing and schools, there was art, and it was an integral part of life. The arts are the physical and intellectual remains of past civilizations. Art is not only an end in itself but stimulates, develops, and promotes:
  • critical, creative, conceptual, abstract and imaginative thinking and problem solving
  • deductive reasoning
  • flexibility while broadening one's horizons
  • analysis, interpretation, criticism, evaluation, and questioning
  • a striving for excellence, self-esteem, self-motivation, and self-discipline.
St. Scholastica Academy continues to be committed to a strong discipline-based art program. All Studio classes exhibit their work during the Covington Coordinated Art Opening in the fall and spring, as well as the Catholic Schools Week displays in the New Orleans area.

INTRODUCTION TO FILMMAKING - 8th Grade - Choice - ½ credit
The purpose of this course is to enhance the God given artistic talents of our young ladies. The students will learn about Joseph Campbell’s "Hero’s Journey Monomyth” and how it applies to story structures in literature, mythology, and movies. The students will learn the pre-production, filming, and post production techniques of creating a high quality digital video. The students will learn the language and techniques used by professional videographers. Through effective cooperative learning practices the students will develop their skills and prepare them for future class assignments during their years at SSA. The focus of this class is to prepare students for future ELA classes and video related projects.

STUDIO ART - 8th grade - Choice - ½ credit
Studio Art is a hands-on sampling of art-making experiences designed to introduce eighth grade students to different art media techniques and vocabulary.  Emphasis is placed on the development of perception, drawing skills and creative thinking. This course introduces the students to the critique process.


ART I - Freshmen / Sophomores / Juniors / Seniors - Elective - 1 credit
Art I is a beginning drawing and painting course with some emphasis on three-dimensional art. Major areas of study include: use of media, technical skills, design elements, one point perspective, beginning color theory, and an introduction to the portrait. This course builds upon and further develops basic skills learned in eighth grade Studio Art. Students exhibit their art in the Covington fall and spring community art nights.

ART II - Prerequisite: Art I - Sophomores / Juniors / Seniors - Elective - 1 credit
Art II is an intermediate drawing, painting, design and color theory course with some emphasis on three-dimensional art. This course builds on skills and concepts learned in Art I and emphasizes observation, design elements and the critique process. Students work with a variety of materials including pencil, charcoal, India ink, pastels, and acrylics. Three-dimensional materials may include paper-mache, wire, plaster, clay and wood. The students participate in oral and written critiques. Students exhibit their art in the Covington fall and spring community art nights.

ART III - Prerequisite: Art II - Juniors / Seniors - Elective - 1 credit Note: Students must have art department approval to enroll in this course.
Art III is an advanced drawing, painting, design and color theory course with some emphasis on three- dimensional art. This course builds on skills and concepts learned in Art II and encourages the student to create a portfolio of work for college entrance and /or scholarships. The course emphasizes observation, design elements, careers in art and the critique process. The class works from life, studies the figure, and how to build and stretch a canvas. Students work with a variety of materials and have choices in approaches to problems to encourage critical thinking and to create a body of work that has personal meaning and illustrates individual style. Students participate in oral and written critiques and exhibit their art in the Covington fall and spring community art nights.

ART APPRECIATION DE - Juniors, Seniors - 1 credit
The Art Appreciation course is a dual enrollment course offered through Louisiana Tech University.  This course involves the study and enjoyment of art in its various expressions.  Students will apply the principles of critical judgment to various artworks.  The course also shows how art and architecture are influenced by the period in which they are made. A vocabulary of art terms, design elements, material and techniques are also stressed.

ART HISTORY AP (HONORS) - Juniors, Seniors - 1 credit
This course is a chronological survey of art from the Western tradition including painting, sculpture and architecture from Prehistory to Postmodernism. Selected works from a variety of cultures beyond the European tradition (including India, China, Japan, and Africa) will also be studied according to characteristics and media specific to the culture and concepts that unite these diverse works with the Western tradition. There will be an emphasis placed on the study of artworks within the context of the culture and time period in which they were created. Students will develop visual analysis, thinking, and writing skills necessary for recognizing and analyzing artworks. Formal analysis strategies utilizing the elements of art and principles of design will be learned and applied to works of art. Students will be introduced to the iconographic and interpretive study of subject matter, signs and symbols and how they create meaning in works of art. This course is designed according to the recommendations given by the College Board in preparation for the
A.P. Art History Exam.

CERAMICS- Sophomores / Juniors / Seniors - Elective - 1 credit
This course provides a comprehensive study in methods of sculpture, hand-built clay construction, and basic wheel throwing techniques. Students explore three-dimensional design while developing both useful and sculptural forms. Creativity and quality craftsmanship are emphasized. 

CHOIR (Beginning) 8th Grade/ Freshmen / Sophomores / Juniors / Seniors - Elective - 1 credit
No choir experience is required for this course. The SSA Choir offers to all students the opportunity to participate in the choral program through large and small ensembles as well as the study and performance of the varying styles of choral, theatre, and contemporary music. Improving each student’s vocal technique, musicianship, staging capabilities and talents are the focal points of the class. Learning to sing and perform in a group ensemble will increase vocal skills, stage proficiency and confidence. 

CHOIR ( Intermediate, Advanced) 8th Grade/ Freshmen / Sophomores / Juniors / Seniors - Elective - 1 credit
Membership is by audition only.  Students should possess an intermediate to advanced level of experience in the areas of vocal technique, ear training, and note reading.  Selections will range from early masterworks to contemporary. Students will be required to participate in all festivals, competitions, and outside performances. This course may be repeated for credit.

DIGITAL MEDIA  - Freshmen/ Sophomores - Elective-  1 credit 
Digital Media is a project-based course that allows students to creatively express themselves through digital, still and motion video and other newly emerging forms of digital media and animation. The students will learn the pre- production, production, and post production techniques of creating a high quality digital video. Students will study video technologies, basic equipment operation, video composition, basic lighting and audio, production, planning and visual storytelling. Through effective cooperative learning practices, the student will produce video projects of high production value.

MUSIC APPRECIATION DE - Juniors / Seniors - Elective - 1 credit
Students will be offered dual enrollment with Southeastern Louisiana University to obtain their art credit for Music Appreciation.  This course is designed to increase the response to music through a knowledge of the art and development of perceptive listening skills. Opportunities provided to attend concerts and recitals.

MUSICAL THEATRE- Freshmen / Sophomores / Juniors / Seniors - Elective -  1 credit each
Musical Theatre is an exploration of American Musical Theatre. Students will study the work of the actor/singer/dancer and use their gained knowledge to develop as performers. Students will prepare and present as soloists as well as members of small groups and larger ensembles. Since this is a workshop course, students will prepare material for class presentation and critique. There will also be a focus on the audition process as well as musical theatre history and repertoire. Finally, the class will participate in a culminating showcase performance at the end of the year.

STUDIO ART AP  - Juniors / Seniors - Elective- 1 credit    
Prerequisite: Art III or submit portfolio.  Students must have art department approval to enroll in this course.  This course explores drawing issues including line quality, light and shade, rendering of form, composition, surface manipulation, the illusion of depth and mark-making through a variety of means, such as painting, printmaking or mixed media.

TV PRODUCTION DE - Juniors / Seniors -  1 credit 
This course investigates the fundamentals of studio television production including a working knowledge of technical and aesthetic principles that apply to various forms of media content. Students are also responsible for running the Friday broadcast as a team, and are expected to work behind the camera, as well as in front of the camera. A working knowledge of editing software is extremely beneficial before taking this course. Department approval is required; if interested in this course, you must meet with the teacher during scheduling before registering for this class.

TV PRODUCTION II - Seniors -  1 credit 
Prerequisite: TV Production. 
Students should have a prior knowledge of simultaneous editing (the switcher/Tricaster) and be adept at using editing software (such as Adobe Premiere). Students must also be able to plan pre-production, production, and post-production timeline, as well as be proficient in broadcast writing (such as A/V script). Students must act as producer in facilitating broadcasts and will be responsible for the direction of the news production team. Department approval is required.

VISUAL ART - Prerequisites: Art I and Art II- Juniors / Seniors - Elective - 1 credit
This course is an introductory class in digital photography, digital art, and graphic design. Emphasis will be placed on the student exploring various compositional problems associated with digital and graphic design. Concepts ranging from "Rule of Thirds” to manipulating pictures/artworks with Adobe Creative Suite will be covered. The visual art course will build upon and further develop the skills learned in Art I and Art II. This course involves more freedom of choice in using a variety of art media, themes, and techniques to further develop creative expression. Students exhibit their art in the Covington fall and spring community art nights.

YEARBOOK I / II - Sophomores / Juniors / Seniors - Elective - 1 credit
The Yearbook course is designed for the student who wants an in-depth experience in the production of a yearbook. It is designed to provide students the opportunity to work with advanced technology, strengthen their problem-solving skills, improve their communication skills, and manage responsibility. Students receive guided instruction in the fundamentals of photo composition skills, graphic design and page layout, editing, photography and organizational skills necessary to produce the yearbook, as well as guided practice in the areas of responsibility necessary for the production of the book. They will learn the process of editing and publishing with Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Students also develop their abilities to work as a team as they produce the yearbook. The aim of the class is for student staffers to be responsible for every aspect of production, including planning themes, designing covers and end-sheets, planning the ladder, designing dividers, interviewing, researching, writing articles, writing headlines and captions, taking pictures, and designing pages.
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